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How we loved to do

handed me my defeats.

Yet, in some respects, this grasp of technique came almost too


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Perfection is obviously not attainable on this earth, but that

was not an axiom steroids for sale I would have accepted when I was fifteen years

old and first experiencing the thrill of cold iron in my hands. Yet

certain assumptions that I and the other bodybuilders who

trained with me were making were imperceptibly creating a barrier to the attainment of that perfection I so deeply desired.

For example, we knew nothing about triceps training. We believed that a man should have big, strong arms, but that the sign

of a manly arm was a fully developed biceps.

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So we would blast

our biceps with set after set of mind-boggling training, and then

finish off the workout with some passing attention to triceps

work. I later realized the error of this approach and began to give

the triceps the attention they required.

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But my early years of

training have continued to have their effect, and my biceps have

remained more outstanding than my triceps.

Bench presses are another good example.

How Muscles Work

How we loved to do

bench presses cheap steroids for sale The champions we saw in the magazine photos all


had massive chests, and they were the ones winning the competitions. So we continually strained against heavier and heavier

barbells, drove each other to greater feats of strength.

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It never

occurred to us that various parts of the pectoral muscles could be

isolated and trained specifically to produce the most ideal contours.